Career Advice

Are You Capable of Much More?

Sometimes people take jobs because they are easy and require no mental or physical exertion. While it’s fine to stay in an easy job, you may be selling yourself short. If you’re capable of handling a higher-paying, important job, shouldn’t you consider it? You could be earning more, creating more stability and security for yourself and your family, or even contributing important work to the community and the world. Ask yourself these questions:

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Employment Scouts 16 July , 2021

3 Things You Should Be Doing During The Worker Shortage

It was only months ago that communities and business owners were lamenting the fact that workers were being sent home due to quarantines and shutdowns. Now, as many communities and businesses open back up, folks are wondering where the workers are. For many parts of the world, a worker shortage has become the new plague on the economy. If you live in an area that is experiencing a worker shortage, here are 3 things you should be doing right now.

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Employment Scouts 18 June , 2021

Tips for a Successful Interview on Microsoft Teams

The interview process has come a long way in a few short years. These days, it's possible to conduct an interview from the comfort of home, with help from a variety of digital tools and services. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular, in part because it already plays such an integral role in so many office procedures.

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Employment Scouts 19 May , 2021

When to Say No in the Workplace

Setting healthy boundaries is necessary for all aspects of our lives. Although most people realize that healthy boundaries are critical in family and relationships, many people still allow the workplace to trample healthy boundaries. A lack of boundaries at work can create an unsustainable long-term work environment. Keep reading to find out when you should be saying no in the workplace.

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Employment Scouts 16 April , 2021

3 Reasons to Consider a Volunteer Position

Volunteer positions have one big drawback; you don’t get paid. However, a volunteer position can give you many benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. These benefits could end up landing you in the job of your dreams in the future. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your job hunt, here are three reasons to consider taking a volunteer position.

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Employment Scouts 15 March , 2021