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When to Say No in the Workplace

Setting healthy boundaries is necessary for all aspects of our lives. Although most people realize that healthy boundaries are critical in family and relationships, many people still allow the workplace to trample healthy boundaries. A lack of boundaries at work can create an unsustainable long-term work environment. Keep reading to find out when you should be saying no in the workplace.

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Employment Scouts 16 April , 2021

3 Reasons to Consider a Volunteer Position

Volunteer positions have one big drawback; you don’t get paid. However, a volunteer position can give you many benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. These benefits could end up landing you in the job of your dreams in the future. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your job hunt, here are three reasons to consider taking a volunteer position.

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Employment Scouts 15 March , 2021

How To Juggle Working At-Home With Parenting

Are you working from home because your company-mandated it? Or are you working from home because it's always been a dream of yours? Either way, the realities of working from home are often very different from how we imagine it. Working from home, just like working from a job location, has its own specific set of stressors. One of the most significant stressors is trying to juggle work with other things that are going on in your house like care tasks or parenting tasks. Let's look at a few helpful tips for juggling working from home and parenting.

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Employment Scouts 18 February , 2021

How to Fast-Track Your Promotion at Your Next Job

The subject of promotions is likely to come up at some point during your employment at a certain company. Your goal will probably be to move up as quickly as possible. You can take some steps to fast-track your promotion if you don't want to wait several years for the chance to advance. These are some things you can do...

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Employment Scouts 15 January , 2021

High Demand Jobs for 2021

As the New Year approaches many people in the midst of a job search are asking themselves, "What jobs are in demand this year?" Job demand shifts over time-based on factors such as new technology, current community needs, and the economy. That can be a lot of information to sift through. Luckily, job market specialists have sifted through this information for you, and each year they produce lists of in demand jobs for the upcoming year. Keep reading to learn about 3 careers that will see high demand in 2021.

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Employment Scouts 16 December , 2020