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Degree Apprenticeships - What are the Options?

Degree apprenticeships make it possible to earn a degree without having to spend a lot of money on university tuition. Following are just some of the many degree options available to pick from for those who want to earn money and study at the same time.


There are literally dozens of degree apprenticeship opportunities for those who are interested in engineering. Options include Aerospace engineering, systems engineering, power engineering, manufacturing engineering, and civil engineering. Most of these apprenticeship opportunities offer a Bachelor's degree upon completion; however, there are a few that provide apprentices with a Master’s degree.

Business and Administration

STEM fields aren't the only ones to offer degree apprenticeship programs. Chartered manager and senior leader apprenticeship opportunities are available from various companies such as CMI, Santander and Balfour Beatty.

Finance and Accounting

There are many degree apprenticeship opportunities available to anyone who is good with numbers. Some good options to consider include becoming an apprentice taxation professional, actuary, senior investment professional or senior banking professional. Bear in mind that these are all level 7 apprenticeship opportunities. This means you'll need to study and work for up to six years; however, you'll receive not only a salary but also a Master's degree once your apprenticeship is over.

Childcare and Education

Level 7 apprenticeship opportunities in education are available from a number of universities. These include the University of Nottingham, University of Exeter and Aston University.

If you want a promising career but can't study full-time at a local university, degree apprenticeship is sure to suit your needs. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, available career options, apprenticeship requirements, and other factors. Then decide which apprenticeship opportunity would best suit your needs and future career goals.

Employment Scouts 19 Mar , 2019