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High Demand Jobs for 2021

As the New Year approaches many people in the midst of a job search are asking themselves, "What jobs are in demand this year?" Job demand shifts over time-based on factors such as new technology, current community needs, and the economy. That can be a lot of information to sift through. Luckily, job market specialists have sifted through this information for you, and each year they produce lists of in demand jobs for the upcoming year. Keep reading to learn about 3 careers that will see high demand in 2021.

Software Developers

As businesses making a greater and greater push to mobilize online, the demand for software engineers is increasing. Software is needed to help these companies operate smoothly online and the individuals responsible for developing that software are compensated well for their work and can enjoy great job security. Many software developers can get their career started with just a bachelor's degree.

Technology Support Specialists

It goes hand in hand that if companies are mobilizing more of their business online, then their customers are going to be in more need of online support. Technology support specialists are individuals who are knowledgeable in the technology of a particular platform or business. These specialists will help customers and clients navigate the tech necessary to complete the task they are trying to complete whether that be completing a purchase or better understanding virtual learning platforms or any of the many tasks we are now trying to accomplish online. Most technology support specialists can start their careers with on the job training.

Registered Nurses

2020 saw an increased demand for qualified nurses. These individuals provide important front-line medical services which will continue to be an important service during 2021 as the COVID pandemic continues. Registered nurses can usually get their careers on the roll after 2 years of nursing school.

2021 promises healthy job growth in these professions as well as others for those who are qualified and/or willing to get the education and training required.

Employment Scouts 16 December , 2020