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How to Fast-Track Your Promotion at Your Next Job

The subject of promotions is likely to come up at some point during your employment at a certain company. Your goal will probably be to move up as quickly as possible. You can take some steps to fast-track your promotion if you don't want to wait several years for the chance to advance. These are some things you can do:

Talk to Your Supervisor

The first thing you need to do is to sit down with your supervisor and discuss the possibility of receiving a promotion. Let the employer know that that's the way you want to go. Ask if he or she will be willing to invest in you and your development. Awareness is key. Many workers never get promoted because they never let the employer know they're interested in moving up.

Join Fast-Track Programs

Many jobs have fast-track learning programs that develop low-level employees to get them ready for a promotion. Such programs may require you to engage in them for six months. However, you should see the opportunity to advance shortly after you graduate.

Excel in Your Job

Always put 100 percent into your work. Ensure that you carry a professional work ethic, and treat the company's customers with the highest level of care and concern. You will go far if you hold yourself to such high standards.

Be Super-Available

Availability is important to businesses when they consider promotions. Ideally, you will be available seven days a week at all times throughout the day. If not, you can make up for it by offering to stand in for workers who call out or go on leave. Show the employer that you're willing to make the job your home.

Don't wait around for the opportunity to advance. Make it happen by taking steps to fast track your progress. You'll be a happier worker if you do so.

Employment Scouts 15 January , 2021