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How To Juggle Working At-Home With Parenting

Are you working from home because your company-mandated it? Or are you working from home because it's always been a dream of yours? Either way, the realities of working from home are often very different from how we imagine it. Working from home, just like working from a job location, has its own specific set of stressors. One of the most significant stressors is trying to juggle work with other things that are going on in your house like care tasks or parenting tasks. Let's look at a few helpful tips for juggling working from home and parenting.

Establish Boundaries

Kids respond better to consistent boundaries. When they know what to expect, and they can clearly see that you are going to be consistent, children can usually adapt to a new situation fairly quickly. Many work at home parents make the mistake of trying to do everything for everyone at every moment. This is impossible, but as long as your kids think there is a chance of grabbing you for attention or assistance they will keep trying. Establish boundaries concerning your work hours and/or your workspace.

Establish Quitting Time

Your kids will be better able to accept your work boundaries if they have a clear idea of when you will be available to them. It is very important that you do not allow work to bleed into every moment of your life at home. Just like kids will push work boundaries, work will push home/family boundaries. Establish a quitting time and make sure your kids know that when you are done you are done and you are ready to engage in home and family activities.

Working from home while parenting is challenging, but it is not impossible. Use these helpful tips to establish boundaries and a clear quitting time so that you can better balance work with parenting.

Employment Scouts 18 February , 2021