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Should You Take a Temp Position or Wait for Full Time Employment?

During a job search, you may find yourself making tough decisions. Knowing that certain choices can open or shut opportunities for you can feel overwhelming at times. One such decision is the choice between taking temporary employment to get by or waiting on the full-time job you really want. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help make the choice a little easier. 

What Is Your Financial Situation?

Whether or not you should take a temporary position right now is largely going to be based on your financial situation. Do you have another form of income coming in right now? If so, you may be able to continue to support yourself while looking for the job you really want. However, if you do not have another form of income or savings to live off of right now, then taking a temp position maybe the only way to stay financially stable at this time. 

Will The Temp Position Move You Toward Your Goals?

Some temporary jobs can actually assist you with your long term goals. You will need to really evaluate how this position will translate into marketable skills later on. Will this job provide good resume material as well as skill-building for you. If the answer is yes, then taking the position will benefit you both long term, with skills, and short term with an immediate income. 

Will You Be Able To Continue Your Job Search?

Most importantly, you will want to ask yourself if you will be able to continue your job search while working in this position. If the position is going to take up so much time that you cannot continue the search for the job you really want, then this might not be the best idea. 

During a job search, you must keep both your long term goals and your immediate needs in mind. Although you do have an immediate need for income, try not to let that overshadow your ultimate career goals. 

Employment Scouts 19 February , 2020