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When to Say No in the Workplace

Setting healthy boundaries is necessary for all aspects of our lives. Although most people realize that healthy boundaries are critical in family and relationships, many people still allow the workplace to trample healthy boundaries. A lack of boundaries at work can create an unsustainable long-term work environment. Keep reading to find out when you should be saying no in the workplace.

Say No to Unhealthy Work Hours

Labor laws have instituted caps on how many hours an hourly paid employee can work. An employee should not feel fear over losing their job if they refuse to work unhealthy amounts of hours. However, a salaried employee is often viewed as someone whom the company can have complete and utter access to all hours of the day. This will not contribute to a long-term healthy working situation. Review your job description and make sure that you, and those you answer to are on the same page concerning how many hours you are expected to be available.

Say No To Sexual Harassment

Unhealthy relationships in the workplace can lead to an imbalance of power and even dangerous situations ultimately. If you feel that you are being harassed sexually, you have the right to say no without fear of losing your job. Speak with a lawyer to fully understand your rights in this situation.

Say No To Toxic Relationships

The workplace can be a breeding ground for toxic relationships. It is up to you to set up healthy boundaries with toxic people who try to drag you into their drama. This may mean that you will have fewer relationships in the workplace. This is a healthy trade to make for the sake of your sanity.

Although our jobs often require us to be on, available, and saying yes to co-workers, bosses, and customers most of the time, we must remember that there are healthy times to say no.

Employment Scouts 16 April , 2021